Language English
Owner TheBattle Club
Geolocation France
Date added 2017-02-13 17:04:52
Status Offline

Server rates

Max enchant 16
Safe enchant 3
SP 30
EXP 30
  • GM shop:
  • NPC buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom zone:
  • Custom weapon:
  • Custom armor:
  • Offline shop:


Dear guests! We've developed a brand new x30 Game World which combines the Classic Client on High-Five and a New development!This client :- - High FPS- New functions- New appereance Grand opening of the server on Novemeber 23 , 8 pm Moscow time!Events,Tournaments, Big War, Mid War, Olympiad system, Happy Hours with TheBattle.Club Visit our website Best Regards.
Untage, NoComments, International server. If you'r searching a good server - you found it! Check our website
Server Rates x30, x15 x15
Donate shop - without any item, you can buy only Premium account, enchant scrolls and accessories
Olympiad period - 10 days
Special 15 bossess, respawn 12 hours, drop vesper,vorpal, clan skills, clan reputation, fame, books
BIG war, 4 big clans with a 100 players.
Soft protection - smart guard, bot hunters
Events, GvG Tournaments, TvT,CTF, GvE, and others.
Server location - France, ping latency - high.
Java Files + Classic Client, you can use both, Classic or High-Five client.