Newest 10 servers of Lineage 2

Server Platform Chronicle Experience
L2MAD L2J Interlude X 100
Lineage 2 Infinity L2J Fafurion X 500
L2 Luna L2J High Five X 40
Your Server here L2J High Five X 1
L2Mafia L2J Interlude X 300
L2Ja7em L2J High Five X 1000
L2Resolution L2J Interlude X 1000
L2STARS L2J Gracia Epilogue X 30
L2alkar L2J Interlude X 3
L2 Vapor L2J Interlude X 500

Newest 10 premium servers

Server Platform Chronicle Experience
Lineage2 Alltar L2J Interlude X 10
L2OLD L2J Classic 2.9 X 20
L2Canyon L2J Interlude X 3
La2Dream L2J Interlude X 50
L2 Luna L2J High Five X 40
L2Age L2J High Five X 20
Lineage777 L2J Interlude X 100
L2 Humanity L2J High Five X 25
L2 PVP WORLD L2J Interlude X 9999
L2Rus L2J Interlude X 2

Top 10 lineage 2 servers

Server Platform Chronicle Experience
L2 Warland L2J Interlude X 12
La2Dream L2J Interlude X 50
Grand Elmore - L2 L2OFF Gracia Epilogue X 10
L2DAMAGE L2J Interlude X 9000
Lineage 2 Gamers L2J Interlude X 100
Lineage2Epic L2J Gracia Final X 5000
L2DAMAGE L2J Interlude X 9000
L2 Zero L2J High Five X 20
L2MAD L2J Interlude X 100
L2Extreme L2J Interlude X 1000

10 coming soon servers

Server Platform Chronicle Experience
LineageTwo L2J High Five X 20
Lineage2 EDMO L2J High Five X 55
L2 Reality L2J Interlude X 1000
LA2AXE L2J Interlude X 100
L2Canyon L2J Interlude X 3
Lineage 2 P V P zone L2J Interlude X 250
L2Crime L2J Interlude X 1000
Lineage2 Alltar L2J Interlude X 10
L2OLD L2J Classic 2.9 X 20
L2Rus L2J Interlude X 2

How to choose Lineage 2 private server?

It's hard to find a person who has never heard of the legendary and, I dare say, iconic Lineage 2 online game.

The goal of the developers was to create a realistic three-dimensional world, where landscapes with trees, mountains and water, animals and monsters, your characters and large-scale battles look as plausible as the most advanced technologies allowed.

So, what is the Lineage game? This is a shareware client MMORPG. What means shareware? That means that you can play absolutely for free, on Lineage 2 free servers, without feeling yourself restrained, and indefinite time. But if you do not have five or six hours of daily free time to practice upgrading your character, then this process can be accelerated for money. Also for money you can buy weapons, equipment, magic elixirs, in general, any things, the loot of which usually takes days and nights in the game. What does the client mean? That means that you must download and install a special program (client) on your computer to play.

Criteria for server selection

Given the wide variety of servers, each gamer faces the question of how to choose the most convenient and functional lineage 2 free server for the game. First of all, it is better to give preference to projects in your country, since most interesting events occur in the evening (which is the most suitable period of the day for most gamers). And on foreign platforms the player will face a time difference that would be very inconvenient.

Pay attention to the design and content of the site. Give preference to good-looking and interesting sites that include statistics, news, materials for more information and downloads. If admins pay proper attention to the site, then the server will be on top. The most popular site where you will find your best lineage 2 private server can be found by entering the search query "top200 lineage" and going to the site with the appropriate name. It shows a table with server addresses and other necessary data for such criteria: Newest 10 servers of Lineage 2, Top 10 Lineage 2 servers, Newest 10 premium servers and 10 coming soon servers.

It will be of service for the player to see the project forum. Thus you will find out what gamers are complaining about, what administrators write about and how quickly they answer questions. Also pay attention to the statistics of the users of Lineage online. The higher it is, the more reliable the site is.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to independently check the playgrounds. It is enough to find a reliable rating of Lineage servers. When selecting top Lineage 2 servers, such projects take into account both the above and other criteria. When compiling the rating, the age of the project, Lineage 2 server status, attendance, player ratings and much more are taken into account.

Lineage 2 gameplay

To move around the map, simple mouse clicks are enough. The fact that in other games you need to spend dozens of hours of tedious walkthrough, Lineage 2 takes in an hour or two. For example, getting the first profession is achieved by completing a few simple quests (tasks). To get the second profession, the player generally only needs to pay a certain amount of game currency, which can be fully earned by going through various tasks.

The owner of the Lineage game is a NCSoft company from Korea. There is an official Western server. But since the game had gained incredible popularity, a variety of private servers appeared in all countries of the world. Thanks to this, everyone can immerse themselves in a realistic medieval three-dimensional world.

Private new Lineage 2 servers are easy-to-learn. All the possibilities of the game open to the user completely free of charge. At the same time, there is no language barrier.

Lineage 2 PVP (player versus player)

The abbreviation PvP in Lineage 2 and most other games means player vs player combat, less often - party vs party combat. Acronym PvP in the second meaning is most often used in LA2 because of the features of the game.

A Lineage 2 character outside of the peace zone, can be attacked and killed regardless of his desire to fight. In the case of the killing of a player who did not want to take the fight, the killer gets the status of PK (Player Killer), he is credited with karma points and points of the special counter. If a character in PK status with a count above 5 is killed in PvP, there is a chance to drop items from his inventory, except for some enchanted items. In the event that the characters are in opposing clans, they can kill each other with impunity in any situation.

The PvP system in Lineage 2 assumes that heroes who are at war with each other are free to attack and kill any third-party character, who may die in the process.

Lineage 2 Interlude

Interlude: The Chaotic Throne marked the end of the "Chronicles" and the beginning of the "Throne of Chaos". The changes that affected the equipment were very important. The developers introduced an inexpensive ghostly type of equipment, which disappeared after a while.

Dueling system

Interlude has a system of duels, which is a full-fledged PvP. They are held at any level of rivals, from whom the penalty for death is not taken. After the completion of the duel all the debuffs are removed from the characters. The player can choose an automatic rejection of duels in the settings menu. They are held as 1 x 1, and party x party. Each stage of the duel lasts no more than two minutes. Only a party leader can challenge members of another party. The fight takes place on a special arena.

Innovations also touched the system of Lineage 2 crafting. An opportunity to enchant Life Stones, which drop from the mobs, has come up. The chance to get a high-level Life Stone from a raid boss is much higher than from a simple monster. The weapon acquires new properties and gives bonuses. There are the following types of bonuses from inlay: increase of combat characteristics (P.Atk., P.Def., M.Atk., M.Def., HP, MP, CP, Accuracy, Evasion, Critical Chance), multiplication of basic characteristics (STR , CON, INT, MEN, the appearance of an additional skill (Active, Passive, Chance skill).

What is Lineage 2 Classics

This is a rethinking of the old L2, taking into account the mistakes that the developers made in the GoD+ chronicles. People who worked on it before the HF and the Japanese joined the development of L2C. And as you know, it was the influence of the Japanese that made L2GoD return to the origins - the division of classes, and unique class goodies.

The engine, the client, much of the mechanics (the rollback of skills, the mechanics of the debuffs) – they are from the new L2GoD chronicles, but the developers are changing everything towards the old mechanics (returning to the old stats and bonuses from them) already on the live L2C, but also changing the old skills (Gladiator’s Sonic Blaster with the stun, Totems of Tyrant and Limits of the Destroyer). Grind is too hardcore - except for a low rate of upgrade (in Korea, 50th levels started to appear only at the 3rd month of the game) a small amount of adena drop was added (a GoD’s and subsequent updates’ chip). Yes, it turns out that it will probably be even more difficult to level up than in Prelude. Not many will withstand the grind.

Shall we get what we expected? Definitely! Those who go to L2C for fun of the old-school PVP, clan wars and sieges will get it all, and in such a large amount that will not seem too small. There will be neither instances nor catacombs in their old form, so the war for spot and RB will be evermore crucial.

Chaotic Throne: High Five

An update Lineage 2 high five brought with it a new series of quests in the global event "Seven Seals", along with additional awards and story development. The speed of the hero’s development has undergone changes, having increased several times. Upgrade of the hero in the group began to bring big bonuses. Developers have introduced new skills to most classes. The number of raiding quests has increased significantly, the raiding Bosses of Fate emerged.

Changes in the system of Olympiads deserve a special attention. There another minimum number of participants in the Olympics have been established: team fights - 5 teams, class battles - 10, non-class battles - 10. The maximum number of spectators for one stadium is limited to 18 players. Olympic stadiums became an instance where the maximum number of concurrent matches is 160. Rules were introduced on the number of bouts per week: the maximum number of fights in team competitions is 10, the maximum number of duels is 70, the maximum number of duels in non-class competitions is 60, the maximum number of fights in class competitions - 30. There appeared 3 additional types of Olympic stadiums: Hero's Vestiges Arena, Orbis Arena and Three Bridges Arena.

Lineage 2 cheats and hacks

Every player in any game wants a freebie. Lineage 2 is no exception. In fact, this is not surprising. We all want easy profit, do less and receive more. Such are we. Show me a player who does not want to know cheat for money in L2. Correctly, these do not exist. And who would not want to know the cheat at the point in Lineage 2? Yeah, of course, everyone wants to know this secret. But I want to assure you that there was not and could not be at official servers. Why? Because it's an official server where everyone is equal. Yes, you can buy many things in an online store, but they will have little impact on the balance. These adena hacks on official servers cannot exist just by definition. Otherwise, the game will become uninteresting.